The Zune is Microsoft’s portable music player. (I am tempted to say mp3 player, but it plays more than that.) Well you can read about it anywhere on the internet, but as an owner, I thought I’d share my experience in using it.


Briefly about Zune:

  • Zune was launched in the year 2006 approximately 1 year before the current date. It was launched as a 30 GB player. However Solid state versions and a 80GB version are soon to follow.

  • Zune is made by microsoft. Actually the 1G(First generation) Zune was Toshibas Gigabeat S reworked and software by MS. I don’t know if this alliance will/is continuing from 2G onwards.

  • Apart form music, it also supports Images/pictures, Videos and FM radio.

Zune family 

About Ipod:

I am one of the admirers of Apple ipod. Or should I say was. Ipod was the ultimate mp3 player. When the Ipod came with the picture ipod, and then the Video Ipod, people were going crazy. It is a well marketed device, no doubt at all. And the features are good as well.

  • Ipod was released in 2001. So thats 6 years before MS released their player. For 6 years they have led the market sales.
  • It is the largest selling music player in history with 110 million units sold already.

Zune Vs Ipod:

I am sure Ipod and Apple fans will not even like a comparison, but here are some of the features i liked in Zune better than Ipod:

  • The screen is a 3″(inch) screen compared to Ipods 2.5″ scren
  • The model though bulkier, I like the appearance better.
  • The interface even in the absense of the click wheel is good.
  • Its got Wi-fi which can soon sync with your computer. Earlier it only allowed Zune to Zune or Zune to X-box limited transfers. (Limited transfers mean, you can listen to the song only a few times after which it gets deleted.)

Some of the low points of both Zune and Ipod are that the formats that they support are minimal be it audio or video. The Zune says its 2G will support more formats. But if you want a player that can play DivX and Xvid movies, Go for Creative Zen!! An excellent player. 


5 thoughts on “Zune

  1. I don’t like the Ipod myself. But its the largest selling player. And its not got bad features either. It’s got the looks which helps.(Slimmer)

    Zune is alright. I am waiting for the firmware upgrade, which will allow me to play mpeg4, sync music wirelessly with my comp…etc. The new 80GB zune comes for 250 $ ( The same price my 30GB was purchased) and has a 3.2″ screen.

    As for people who have a lot of movies and want to watch movies on the go, Creative players support DivX and Xvid. So you dont have to waste time converting the movies(which takes annoyingly long.)


    Another thing about zune. It does not attract finger prints unlike Ipod.

  2. The Zune was a huge joke when it came out. I do read Digg.com daily. I know about their firmware updates. I was surprised to see Microsoft listening to feedback.

    These things are still way to pricely for me. I’d rather upgrade my computer with that money.

  3. Did you check the prices of the 30GB Zune after the 80GB has been released ? You can surely afford it. Its selling for 80$ I heard. Thats Rs. 3200 for a 30GB player which is atleast not that bad!!

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