Movie Review – Swordfish[2001]

Considering the movie released in 2001 and I am seeing it now, I think I should stop claiming that I am a movie buff. Better late than never, I guess. The movie starts John Travolta, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman (who looks stunning) and Don Cheadle (of Oceans’ fame) among many others. The movie had a lot about hacking, and encryption algorithm and stuff. If you are a serious hacker or better than the average programmer, neither of which I am, then it will probably seem trivial even funny to you. But I thought it was alright in most parts.


Travolta is seen portraying a negative character which changes towards the end. “For the greater good?” 😉 .Hugh Jackman looks stunning and the stuff he pulls off with the comp, if only someone could look so cool pulling it off. Some places look as though the director tried too hard trying to portray the emotions a programmer goes through while developing stuff.

Overall a pretty alright movie to watch. Pay attention to the dialogues though. The movie is built around them. IMDB rating: 6.2. But I think it was better than that.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review – Swordfish[2001]

  1. The movie is famous in computer hacker humour. No hacker uses ten different monitors or glossy 3D interfaces.

    It was a pretty good movie. I saw it in the theatre. The circular shot of the explosion is amazing. Good movie.

  2. Yes no hacker uses ten monitors or 3D interfaces. But considering even engineering students hate coding(Ask in your class how many like programming or in mine), I would not bank on the audience liking the movie if the actual code was shown in a washed down editor.

    But yea the movie was ok.

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