Movie Review-The Host[2006]/Gwoemul

The Host 

The Host:

God knows what made me watch this movie on Diwali eve. I didn’t have any expectations to start with, so I wasn’t severely disappointed or anything of that sort. I saw the movie in English. So the dubbing might also have been one of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy the movie. I saw a little bit of the movie in my friend’s laptop a few days back with the English subtitles and somehow feel that the subtitles were far better than the dub.
IMDB rates the movie at 7.1. I don’t know who voted for the movie really. I don’t follow South Korean cinema much. So while this might be path breaking stuff for people who really know what’s happening in there, for a regular movie watcher like me, this movie didn’t do anything at all.

Attempted Comedy:

The movie tries to be funny, in a lame way that is as bad if not worse than the comic writing I adopt. 😀 The characters come across as neither funny, nor serious. Those attempting the comedy/serious cross should be careful. The script had me wondering why someone even took the trouble of making this movie.
For starters, the mutation resulting from toxic waste is wannabe science fiction stuff. Nothing new in there. And makes you wonder a whole lot of things. Why only one creature? From what did it evolve or mutate?  Is it possible to mutate in a matter of days?  The creature itself looks lame and hardly frightening. Though I must agree if I were to take on it mano-a-mano (not applied in the strictest sense) then I would need lots of ammo and a bazooka or something.
Secondly in the whole movie, you don’t see army anywhere. Maybe army isn’t allowed in South Korea? But to kill a monster that’s no where as dangerous as a Godzilla nor as smart as an alien, shouldn’t be much trouble if you mobilize enough troops. Instead they drop a yellow powder on it!! (Turmeric -> disinfectant? ha ha). If this movie was shot in US of A they would have had the monster/host killed in five minutes and the rest of the movie would be devoted to something else.  Even more comic is the use of shot guns and even arrows to try killing it. (TLOR inspired? 😉 ). People attempting to take on the monster single handedly is ridiculous.
 The end was kind of sad, but the movie made you sadder for having watched it that the sorrow of the girl’s death somehow didn’t set in. If there was one person who was given a decent role in the movie, it was the girl. Ultimately she dies in trying to protect an orphan. Touching really.
To sum it up, not worth a watch. A lame attempt at film making. Don’t watch it unless you know Korean or are a big fan of Korean movies. 

3 thoughts on “Movie Review-The Host[2006]/Gwoemul

  1. your review saddens me – reveals how shallow you are. watch it again with subtitles. you think this was a huge hit and international success because of mediocrity which you give it? wikipedia it at least or something.

  2. @Cin,

    You have every right to feel saddened. But then I am not going to change my opinion on what I thought about the movie. You can go write a review yourself. You want me to watch it again ? You crazy ?

  3. 1. From what I can gather the story skips a few years. I mean, it simply can’t mutate from something you can hold in a cup to a monster that can ingest a human being and knock over a corrugated-metal shack within a matter of days.
    2. It’s gas, not powder moron.
    3. Actually, It would have to be pretty smart if it started storing food. To my knowledge fish don’t do that, so it’s not instinct, it’s learned.
    4. Maybe the army personnel weren’t informed that there was no virus and instead were avoiding direct confrontation to prevent another “contamination”
    5. They weren’t trying to make it scary.

    …I don’t want to know your opinion of cloverfield

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