Diwali Movies On TV…..

Well here I was trying to watch the India Vs Pakistan match on Diwali, and I am surfing channels. I stumble upon two Movies.

First during India’s batting (around afternoon) Chennai 600028. I heard from friends that this was a supposedly good movie. I have never seen a cheaper movie in my entire life. While I didn’t even bother to watch the whole movie or even big enough chunks of it, trust me the feeling did something to my stomach. I haven’t been able to eat afterwards. We Indians are probably the only bunch in the whole world who like to showcase and bask in mediocrity. Here we are shown a bunch of underperforming cricketers playing tennis ball cricket matches and how? Sloppy fielding, bowling action like they have epilepsy and batting like they wore the wrong power glasses. Yet there’s a crowd cheering them on. Utter rubbish. Stop showing us mediocre crap in the name of originality.

Second during the Pakistani batting, I see this movie Gilli. I am probably among the few people who haven’t seen this movie. (I still haven’t. Just caught glimpses of it.)    And I won’t be overly critical of the movie itself as i know thousands of Vijay fans will be outside my house waiting to strangle me. But couple of observations. Has Matrix done any good to Indian cinema? People tend to forget(or simply still don’t know) that in matrix, the entire thing is a software program. The stunts never happen. Reaves is just imagining them to happen. And yet here we have Vijay flying from God know where to where, putting Newton’s laws and gravity to shame. Another thing I observed was the complete reversal when it comes to fight. For the first few minutes we have the “villain” pounding on the “hero” like he was a God punishing a kid and then something happens. There is a complete role reversal. The “hero” is now pounding on the “villain” who has conveniently transformed into a rat scurrying for life in no time. I need to find out what the catalyst is? I would like it myself….

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