Crash Back To Reality…

So that was two days of enjoyment if not bliss. Played cricket, watched cricket, burst crackers, hogged sweets like mad, watched movies, and wrote stupid movie reviews. Now it’s back to reality and normally just like falling back to ground, it’s hard and hurts. The reality, as some of my fellow college mates will know is that the SEMESTER exams (Anna University) are only a week away. (And in my case, I still don’t know what’s to be read.)

The subjects that I am supposed to have studied in these two days include Electrical Machine Design (yea, I am in EEE 😦 ) and Visual Programming i.e., MFC and VB. (Now that’s an elective.)I don’t mind both subjects but the only issue really is I am simply not prepared for the exams. God save me….


2 thoughts on “Crash Back To Reality…

  1. How many subjects have you failed in till now?

    How many times has your aggregate dropped below 80 percent?

    You’re the last person who should be worrying. Every semester you claim you’ll fail and you still get top marks.

  2. Dude, i havent flunked any yet, but theres always a first time. (I am hoping not for this.)

    My aggregate has dropped below once in third semester. (When we had the symposium. it was the worst sem till date.)

    And I am worrying because, infy will throw me out. plus wont get distinction if i flunk 😛 plus will have to write again

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