Scheming cell phone schemes!!

Cough, cough, hutch!! No, I don’t have a cold. It’s just the Diwali time cell phone schemes and tariff revisions that’s making me sweat and swear (Grrrrrr….)!! 25 paise for a message, as if the 5 paise they are already charging isn’t bad enough. I’d rather call and speak for exactly 1 minute. (With a bit of rehearsal on what you want to say, it’s possible.) With my friends I can even talk a full 2 minutes instead (10 paise per call scheme).

Nokia Cell Phone
The reason behind the 5 paise plan was that people were misusing SMS. But the 25 paise scheme makes me wonder. Is sending Diwali messages to friends and family misuse? What warrants the 25 paise per message? That people like wishing each other and maybe they (cell phone service providers) can make money from it? I understand this offer if we all had free messages because Indians as such tend to misuse any facilities you provide, but I don’t think it makes sense to further raise the SMS rates especially after already having paid smses….
Two thumbs down (and probably some other finger up) to my cell phone service provider!!


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