Quiz#1 – Diwali mini-quiz

1) Diwali is celebrated for many reasons. Rama defeating Ravana, Krishna defeating Narakasura….etc. It is common knowledge that diwali is celebrated on different dates each year. Can you give me the indicator that says diwali has arrived?

 2) Diwali is celebrated one day in advance in south India. Can you give me a possible reason for this? (Actually Diwali is celebrated for 5 days. I am interested in Choti Diwali and Badi Diwali as such.)

3) In which Indian town are the majority of crackers you buy made? (Hint: If you look at the wrapper, you should find out if you already don’t know)

 4) Dhanteras (If you saw the Tanishq print ads featuring Asin) is celebrated on the 13th day of the second half of the lunar month. It is also regarded as the birthday of a God who came out during the churning of the great ocean by Gods and the demons. (Hint: Dhanteras by itself is a clue.) Name the God. (This is being revised and was earlier missing)


5) Ok this one is a bit not on diwali. In Harry potter style (I have a feeling Rowling could even have borrowed from this), Ravana is foretold that a child would be the cause of his death. Who would this child be who is prominently featured in Ramayana?


Answers are welcome in the comments section. Answers will be published next Diwali 😉 (Well depending on the number of replies)


8 thoughts on “Quiz#1 – Diwali mini-quiz

  1. 1. A loud explosion from a firecracker lit by some sadistic asshole at 5 AM in the morning waking you up.

    2. Time zone differences between North and South India.

    3. Tambram

    4. So, what is the question?

    5. Harry Potter

  2. 1.I see that money starts flowing into my pocket.

    2.Because south indian’s give a signal bursting crackers here and then north indians follow the act

    3.Sivakaasi (don’t know whether it was a town)


    5.Ram, the small kid. ha ha.

  3. 1. I’ll go with Marc. lol

    2. I think its related to astrology i think. I was asking my mother and she said something related to stars i guess. I didnt bother to pay any attention to her words. hehehe

    3. Sivakasi (my native place)

    4. I dont know what is the question here…

    5. Well ravana was killed by Ram so for a change i’ll go with his brother as my answer. Ram’s brother. lol

  4. @marc
    firstly, I appreciate the enthusiasm shown in answering the questions. Thanks!!

    Your Score: 1 (Because i didnt ask who the God is in question 4. My mistake)

    as for your other answers,

    1) how did that sadistic asshole know ?
    2) theres no time zone difference
    3) are u serious ???
    4) (give u points for that)
    5) errr, no not according to Ramayan atleast

    thanks for responding.

    Your Score: 2 (Sivakasi and 4th question)

    again thanks for commenting.

    Your Score: 2 ( again Sivakasi and 4th question.)
    Your Score:

  5. 1. From the advertisement of the Diwali special movie on TV the previous day.
    2. It’s not my fault the earth rotates West to East instead of North to South.
    3. The real answer was too obvious so I wanted to give Vinod’s residence some popularity in the hope that some day it would be promoted to the status of ‘town’.

  6. Ok, I guess ill just post the asnwers…..

    1) It is the NEW MOON DAY of KARTIKA

    2) Ram returned after defeating Ravana from Sri Lanka. He reached South India first in his way up north. That’s why we celebrate it a day earlier.(No one can say for sure. This is a possible answer.)

    3) Sivakasi. (Too easy a questio to even ask.)

    4) Dhanvantri- Physician of Gods. If anyone is from Coimbatore, you would know of the Dhanvantri temple too.

    5) Sita. (The whole story behind this involves molestation and stuff. So we will not go there. 😉 ) (Another clarification, I said the child would be the cause of death and not cause death. If Sita wasn’t taken away by Ravana, Ram probably wudnt have killed him.)

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