The Festival of Lights – Diwali

Well the time of the year warrants a small post on Diwali. No boring essay stuff. (…On diwali people get up early and have oil bath…and crap crap crap…and wear new clothes…). Actually speaking I don’t think most people get up early on Diwali. (I for instance) Yet others don’t have bath at all, forget oil bath and stuff. As for the new clothes custom I can myself vouch that it doesn’t happen always and with everyone.

Diwali Lamps
I think to most people Diwali means:

 (a) A holiday…aaah finally no school, college, office. (A few people do miss college and school. But they are clearly the minority here or they are missing college for wrong reasons.)
(b) Crackers. For all the misery your neighbors caused you all year, here’s revenge. Bursting crackers all day not letting them watch the ‘Diwali Special’ on TV and if possible even sneaking a rocket or two into their living room depending upon their evilness.(I am kidding 😉 , don’t ever try that.)
(c) Sweets: Man I put on at least 2 kilos during the months of October and November every year after which the previous year’s clothes don’t fit me any loner. Keeping this in mind we have devised a new scheme wherein I don’t get new clothes for diwali. This way I am supposed to watch what I eat. But darn, the variety of sweets is simply difficult to resist.
Oh I almost forgot. For so many others, it also means. SHOPPING!! Man I don’t get it, the sheer number of offers tempting and luring anyone who has money, anyone who doesn’t but is willing to buy on a loan, and even anyone who isn’t even willing. Great marketing these people have eh. (Somehow the ads of T Nagar shops are tasteless and tacky (and in most case nonsense), but I guess they work. Everyone wants to see a stereotypical kid(who is also forcefully smiling) running to his mom and saying “mommy I love this dress” or some arbit crap like that.)

At least with the garments it’s understandable.But offers are extended to household items, electronics, home appliances and even automobiles!! I don’t think there’s any harm in buying especially so if the offers help you save money. But most offers don’t. They just lure you into buying more than you ever wanted to buy. Anyway what the heck? Let’s not think about that for a week or till whenever your next credit card payment is due. 😉

Till then Happy Diwali, Have a blast!!


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