Vernon God Little

Vernon God Little:

Vernon God Little

How I never got around to reading the book…..till recently:
            I stumbled upon the name of this book back when I was in school quizzing at my friend Hari’s place. It was a book by the Man Booker Prize winning author for that year. D.B.C. Pierre. (Dirty but Clean).
            However back then I was still into reading Jeffery Archer and still stuck with Hardy Boys. I always have this issue trying out new books because a book makes you change in a way that’s irreversible. So I am always wary about propaganda and hate those self improvement books. I hate to read a bad book because u change in a way you don’t want to. (Don’t worry, the change is infinitesimal, but in the long run you will accumulate the changes and you might not want that.)

How I got around to finally reading the book:
            So it’s almost three years from the day when I heard of this book. Meanwhile I am in college doing an engineering degree. My friend Venkat takes me to the British Council library in Mount Road, near Spencer Plaza. If you haven’t figured yet, I stay in Chennai (I still prefer the name Madras). So I was browsing for books I could borrow from the library. I found a lot of Agatha Christie (I am guessing she’s a Brit. That’s why the library has a load of her books), but somehow I have never read a single book of hers. So I didn’t want to experiment what with the exams near the corner. I was looking for other interesting novels, but to my dismay, the British Council Library is no Landmark (a book store in Chennai), and the collection of fiction books that I can identify is pretty lean. So I am browsing the shelves trying to find a book whose author I have heard of or the title looking familiar from maybe a Outlook (a magazine) review or something. Bam I come across Vernon God Little. It’s a small book, but I found it somehow.

The Book:
Guess when I started reading the book? One day prior to one of my exams. I have found that I anyway don’t study for the exams. So if I sit idle, ill only fret about the fact that I am not studying. (For the previous two exams, I was reading Harry Potters last two installments, but that’s hardly worth writing about.). When I started reading the book, I was confused whether the writer knew any English at all or whether it was my limited vocabulary that didn’t allow me to understand much of what was being said. Honestly I wanted to throw the book and say Pathetic. But somehow, I kept reading and reading and to my surprise, I found the book rather funny and oddly interesting.
 ……….more on the book later (I have to go have my bath)


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