The Andrew Symonds affair

There were news recently that Andrew Symonds of the Australian Cricket Team was subjected to racism by a portion of the crowd in Vadodara. Further, reports went on to claim that Indians were hostile and some players were irritating.Lets analyse the facts:

 Andrew Symonds

1) About the racist chants:

Andrew described the sounds as monkey sounds. Even if it was monkey sounds( which i dont think it was. How man Indian languages does Symonds speak anyway to know what was chanted ?) , how is monkey sounds related to racism. I cannot believe the ‘zero tolerance crap’ policy that ICC is coming up with. God knows on how many tours of England and Australia the Indians have been subjected to racism.

The probelm is that Australians probably assume they are superior to Indians. Hence they want their way clear everytime they do something. If they are on a bus, you better offer that seat to them else they will label you racist.

2) Srisanths antics

There is nothing wrong whatsoever in the way Srisanth has irritated the Australians.Its just a taste of their own medicine that they are getting. Before going into details as to why the Australians deserve such treatment, I have to take a dig at the Australian press. God they are just short of calling their mamas and crying!! Be a sport. If you live in a glass house , dont throw stones at others. If you cant take the sledging, stop doing it yourself.

The Dirty Australian Sledging:

 In a match against the New Zealand team, the Australians taunted Chris Cairns with comments about his mother and sister (who if i vaguely recollect fell off a train or something). They repeatedly asked Cairns about his dead sister till he eventually got out. Well theres nothing wrong in extending the same treatment to those Australian bunch!!

3) The treatment awaiting us down under:

I think there has been a lot of talk about the Australians dishing out the same treatment to the Indians when we tour them coming year. Rubbish. If you are making such comments openly, goes to show how much sportmanship you have. Bring it on.

A look at the Aussie culture:

Theres been a lot said about the aggressive nature of the Aussies. They are a good team no doubt. But do you know where the bad blood comes from ? All the foul mouthing , the sledging, the haughty comments ? If you didnt know Australia was a British colony and most current Australians are descendents of British prisoners (yeah including Ponting). No wonder then about the way they behave.

 The only thing I am irritated with the Indians is the fact that they didnt back their sledging with action on field.Conceding a series at home isnt exactly the way to go when you want to beat the aussies mentally!!


One thought on “The Andrew Symonds affair

  1. just came accross this page….I am appalled! RACISM IS WRONG! doesn’t matter who does it. It is a shameful act and there is just no way to justify it. Indians who did this in Mumbai and Vadodara didn’t really harm Andrew Symonds much. They just proved themselves to be ignorant and put all of us (Indians) down. This act brought shame to our country. Don’t we owe our land more civility??

    sk, you are right in saying that ‘Racism is wrong, doesn’t matter who does it. It is a shameful act and there is no way to justify it’. Totally agree with you. Racism in any form is not acceptable. But I do not agree with your “Indians who did this in Mumbai and Vadodara… “. Why can’t I taunt Symonds with Monkey Gestures and not mean it to be racist. I can taunt anyone with monkey gestures. Let’s not classify it as racist here. What if I had no knowledge of what racism is and called Symonds a monkey ? That does not make me a racist. The Aussies call it racist because it works to their advantage. If you care to ask people who enacted the monkey gestures, they might tell you that it had nothing to do with racism. We Indians are mostly docile and do not enter into any form of acts of aggression. When we did, the Aussies simply called it racist.

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